Portion/Serving Guide
The size of your cake will be determined by the number of guests you wish to serve, and what size portions you intend on serving. If you are already having dessert as part of your menu, finger size portions will be sufficient and are now the most popular serving size at parties and weddings.

Alternatively, our cakes can be served as dessert in which case you'll need dessert size portions.

To help you determine which size cake you'll need, please refer to the table below:

Please note: the number of portions given above is for sponge cake only and is only intended as a guide and based on the  following dimensions:
*Finger Portion Size: 1 inch x 1 inch x 4 inches (2.5cm x 2.5cm x 10cm)
*Dessert Portion Size: 1 inch x 2 inches x 4 inches (2.5cm x 5cm x 10cm)
*Fruit Cake slices are based on (1inch x 1inch x 2inches)

Please remember. Actual quantities vary,
depending on the person cutting up your cake

Cake Cutting Tips:

Ganache tends to stick to the knife when cutting your cake, making it difficult to get nice clean slices. To achieve clean cuts (and maximum number of serves),
use a sharp (not serrated) knife, dipped in hot water and wiped dry before each cut!

If cutting cakes for party bags etc, try not to wrap the cake in serviettes.  Although this is the the traditional way, the paper napkins suck all of the moisture out the cake and in only a few hours what was once a lovely moist cake will be dry.  I prefer cling film however, wax paper of parchment paper is ideal first and then you can wrap in serviettes/paper napkins.