By securing your order with a Deposit/Full Payment, you agree to these
Terms & Conditions.

Thank You


To finalise your order, we require a deposit of 50% of the full balance. This can be paid by credit/debit card or Bank Transfer.

For orders within 8 weeks of the order date, full payment is required at time of booking. 

We can provisionally hold a date for 1 week with no deposit for orders over 8 weeks away, after this time the date becomes available to other customers. For orders less than 8 weeks it is a first come first served basis, no order is confirmed until a deposit has been received.  The date becomes secured only when a booking deposit/full payment is received.


Weddings & Large orders - A further 30% of the full balance is due 2 months prior and the remaining balance plus stand deposit (if required) is due 2 weeks prior to the wedding/event date. The cake/cupcakes will not be made, if full payment has not been received the week prior to the wedding/event date, non payment will be treated as last minute cancellation and all payments received are forfeited by the customer.

We are happy to accept payments in instalments for the final price, however all monies must be received 1 week prior to the event by cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer. 

Cakes and small orders – The final balance is due the week prior by credit/debit card or bank transfer. Alternatively if collecting from 'Making It Personal' , this can be paid by cash only on collection.   (Please note, as Making It Personal is a separate business they cannot take credit/debit card payments on collection)


We are happy to hire out cake and cupcake stands for your event. The fee for this is relevant to the type of stand hired. We also require an additional returnable deposit (either cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer). This is returned to you when the stand is returned.

Stands are returned to us within 3  - 5 working days of the event/wedding in their original clean and undamaged condition.  Late return or damaged pieces will result in the forfeit of your deposit. Alternatively collection of the stand can be arranged by us in advance only for a small fee. Stand deposits must be received 2 weeks prior to event or on collection.

Please return the stand to…  Making it Personal Leeds, 203 Richardshaw Lane,
Pudsey, LS28 6AA, 0113 2577505. 

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10.00am to 4.30pm
Saturday between 9.30am and 3.30pm
(Closed Monday, Wednesday & Sunday)

Mirrored stands come packed in storage boxes with bubble wrap and packaging to keep them safe. Please ensure any hired stands are packed away safely back into the storage box for safe return. If Sparkle Cupcakes setup your cupcakes including erecting the stand, the storage box (which is clearly marked with our name and details etc) will be left with the point of contact at the event on the day or with reception. In most cases the venue will dismantle the stand and pack back into the storage box however it is the customers responsibility to ensure the storage box is used and the stand cleaned before returning to Sparkle Cupcakes.


Changes to your cake order e.g. size, description, flavours, etc. will be accepted until 2 weeks prior to the wedding/event date. After that lockout date we cannot accept any changes to the final design or the size of any cakes etc, however cupcake numbers can be finalised 1 week prior.

I reserve the right to make slight amendments to the design or flavour of the cake without prior notice if I feel it is necessary and unavoidable.


Unlike many other cake/cupcake suppliers, we do not automatically incorporate a delivery & setup charge into the prices of our cakes and cupcakes. This is to help keep our prices as low as possible and to not make money on customers who would prefer to collect themselves. This also gives customers the choice to decide if it may be more cost effect to collect and setup allowing money to be saved where possible.  Because of this we do charge a separate fee for delivery and setup. This will be charged based on the delivery postcode and setup time.

When we leave the venue, our responsibility for the cake/cupcakes is passed to the  venue/customer. We cannot be held responsible for damage or anything else which may occur to the cake/cupcakes after setup is complete.  

Please ensure the venue is aware of your final choice of where the cake table is to be placed for display.  Please note, once a cupcake tower has been setup this should not be moved and any decision in doing so after we have left is completely with you and/or the venue.  Please consider final placement of your cake/cupcake tower.  In front of a window can be very pretty however in the Summer months may not be ideal. 

Damage to cakes/cupcakes - I have suitable transportation for delivery of cakes & cupcakes however unforeseen circumstances can occur including traffic accidents.  Should this happen and your cake/cupcakes are damaged everything shall be done possible make repairs. 

Should the cake/cupcakes be unsalvageable then Sparkle Cupcakes has suitable insurance is in place and a full refund for total amount of the cake/cupcakes will be issued however no extra compensation will be paid. Please ensure you have sufficient wedding/event insurance in place.

Adverse Weather Conditions - In winter months please take into account the possibility of adverse weather and snow conditions.  I have access to a 4x4 however I will not put my life in danger or anyone else’s and attempt to deliver a cake in extremely dangerous conditions.  This has never happened to me in 5 years however it is something you must consider when placing your order in certain months as I cannot be held responsible for extreme weather conditions including treacherous snow, ice and storms. 


Collections are from Making It Personal Leeds,  203 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey, Leeds, LS28 6AA, between 11.30am and 3pm unless otherwise stated.

All orders can be collected if preferred to save on delivery charges. Please note, once you (or anybody you have asked to collect on your behalf) have collected the order all responsibility for the cake/cupcakes is passed onto the customer and Sparkle Cupcakes cannot be responsible for any damages in transit or dropped cupcakes etc.

If for any reason you cannot get to collect your cake due to unforeseen circumstances/weather conditions etc the final payment is still owed on the cake. 


Please can I STRESS, that cakes (especially tiered cakes) in particular are fragile.  I have suitable transport with a large tall flat boot suitable for transporting cakes & cupcakes.  If you do decide to collect please make sure you have a suitable vehicle where the cake can be placed completely flat on a solid boot or for small cakes a footwell surface. 

Placing a cake or cupcakes on your knee or front/rear seat is not suitable and unadvisable.  Most car seats tilt backwards making the surface uneven to support the cake. Tiered cakes in particular will not tolerate this angle and will undoubtedly collapse or suffer some form of damage.   Also car seats are soft and made of sponge, which means that any bumps etc in the road are exaggerated creating a trampoline effect and any knocks and turns will be felt on the car seat much more than on your flat boot surface.

Please also make sure you drive very slowly, taking turns and roundabouts very carefully.   My cakes have internal supports and are stacked securely to be able to be transported safely under the correct conditions. 

In the very hot summer months an air conditioned vehicle is advised.  Cakes/cupcakes are covered in buttercream and fondant which will melt if left in a hot car.  After collection it is advised to head straight to your destination and remove the cake(s) from the car as soon as possible.  In winter please don’t leave the cake/cupcakes in the car for a long period of time (only transporting) as this is the same as leaving in a fridge which can make the cake go hard/stale but also cause condensation issues on decorations and edible paper etc.  The car is not a place to store cakes in winter or summer… room temp only xxx

If you are in any doubt at all that you can’t transport the cake in the suitable conditions please check with us for delivery availability.  I have lots of experience and a suitable vehicle for this, I have transported many cakes including 4 and 5 tiered cakes. 


As our cakes/cupcakes are baked in a home kitchen, we cannot guarantee no trace of  the 14 allergens, therefore cakes/cupcakes may contain traces of nuts, soya, celery/celeriac, sulphites found in dried fruit and all other allergens. 

It is the customers responsibility to inform me of any allergies prior to ordering.  Please ensure all recipients/guests are aware of this information, I cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions.  Please ensure any recipients or guests are aware before serving, thank you.

The 14 allergens on the regulatory list are…

Eggs, milk, fish, crustaceans (for example crab, lobster, crayfish, shrimp, prawn) molluscs (for example mussels, oysters, squid), peanuts, tree nuts (namely almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, brazils, pistachios, macadamia nuts or Queensland nuts), sesame seeds, cereals containing gluten (namely wheat (such as spelt, Khorasan wheat/Kamut), rye, barley, oats, or their hybridised strains), soya, celery and celeriac, mustard, lupin, sulphur dioxide and sulphites (at concentration of more than ten parts per million).


Unfortunately we do not currently offer this service.  Please ensure no cake or cupcakes are ordered for anyone with any of these dietary requirements. Because our cakes are made in a home kitchen we cannot cater for allergy sufferers.


We package our cupcakes/cakes in specially designed cupcake boxes to ensure that they do not shift during transport. They can be kept in the boxes for up to 2 – 3 days, please keep in a cool place at room temperature away from radiators etc.  Do not put in the fridge as this will dry out the cake/cupcakes. If you must store them longer than 2 - 3 days, we recommend putting them in an airtight container.   Please do not keep cakes/cupcakes for long periods in a car (unless transporting) Keeping a cake in a car in winter is just the same as keeping it in a fridge and can cause condensation on the fondant which can make decorations go mushy, edible paper curl etc.  The same for summer months, the cake and decoration can melt so please don’t store your cake or cupcakes in a hot or cold car.


In the event of cancellation:
Orders cancelled prior to 12 months before the date of the event are refunded any payments minus the non-returnable 30% deposit.
Orders cancelled prior to 2 months before the date of the event are refunded any payments minus the non-returnable 30% deposit plus an additional £50.00.
I cannot refund any money for cancellations after 2 months prior to the event date.
Due to the food hygiene risks, I am legally bound to reserve the right to cancel your order at short notice if on a very rare occasion there is an issue of serious illness with myself. All deposits and monies paid will be refunded, however no compensation will be payable (please ensure you have relevant wedding/event insurance in place).

On a personal note I ensure I keep up to date with flu shots and have an ‘OCD’ approach to hygiene to prevent this happening.  I have never once had to cancel an order due to illness, I take this very seriously.


I take photos of all my cakes and products, these are my images and I reserve the right to use these images on websites/social media sites without prior consent.


We promise you the best product and service. It is our wish that by choosing Sparkle Cupcakes, we can be an important part of your special day/event. It is always our goal to ensure you are more than happy with our service. If you have any queries. we’re here to help!